Week to Week

When asked to define their church, people often describe its doctrine, denomination, programs, and leadership. While those things are important, they don’t really describe the rhythms of week-to-week participation.


We aspire to be a church that lives out of the truth and love found in Jesus Christ. That means we must have day-to-day relationships that show the effects of Christ’s truth and His love.


Truth and love – we must have both.   In fact, one complements and upholds the other. When both function in our daily life together, we become the “city set on a hill” that Jesus calls us to be as representatives of His gospel.


This is not some new program. This is the charge Jesus gave us in the Gospels and how the church of the New Testament sought to live. In light of this, four passages of Scripture animate us.


1 Corinthians 15:3-5. The gospel defines who we are and how we live our lives. It’s our first priority.


Matthew 28:19-20. We are called to be disciples of Jesus who help others become disciples of Jesus. As church members, God calls us to help one another in understanding how He is working in our own lives, and He calls us to help our unbelieving friends and acquaintances understand the gospel.


John 13:34-35. When we love one another, the presence of Jesus and the power of His gospel become visible.


Acts 2:42. Four practices must characterize our lives together: a growing understanding of the Bible, sharing life together, sharing meals together, and praying together.


10 AM


Village Commons Community Center
1326 Main Chapel Way
Gambrills, MD 21054

Where does all this happen?

Sunday Worship

is shaped around the gospel. We sing and pray and listen to God speak to us and then send us into the world in mission under His blessing.

Community Groups

meet at least two times a month to:

  • Discuss what God is saying to us as a church, especially through the sermon
  • Pray for one another, our city, and our church
  • Share life’s trials and joys with each other and plan practical help when one of us needs it
  • Share a meal together

One-to-One Relationships

allow each of us to cultivate relationships with one or a few other church members in which we:

  • Read and talk about the Bible
  • Talk about how the Bible speaks to our life
  • Pray together
  • Share a meal or a cup of coffee together
This is not all that happens in our church, but it is the heart of our week-to-week existence. We also have occasional training for parents, Bible study, prayer meetings, service projects, and fun activities.